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Wood Block Print

At the end of a small road in the woods, we met with Padmini Govind, the owner of Tharangini, one of the last family owned wood block printing studios in Bangalore.  The business is sustainable, fair trade certified and eco-friendly.

Tharangini was founded in 1977 by Padmini's mother.  It is a reminder of a calmer, more peaceful Bangalore before the sprawling IT boom and non stop building.  Tharangini sits in an old bungalow, with small fields around, and backs into beautiful Sankey Tank lake.

Padmini is a passionate advocate for the ancient block printing art.  She has led workshops and has worked with clients big and small such as Fab India and Anthropologie.


More pictures of the studio and wood blocks, as well as a future project with Tharangini, coming soon.