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Field Journal: Made in the Mountains

High in the Kodai hills we enter a classic stone building fringed in dark green.  Our host, Subramaniam, graciously gives us a tour of his pottery workshop.  He also saves us a windy bus ride back to town by offering a ride on his old 100cc motorcycle.  Winding through the scenic hills, we're hooked to partner with the Potter's Shed. 

Our collaboration with the Potter's Shed, and Subramaniam's full story, is coming soon. For now, read a brief introduction on the impact of this amazing charity below:

20 years ago, a teacher at the Kodaikanal International School saw Subramaniam making pottery as a teenager.  The teacher was enchanted by the beauty of pottery being shaped.  But he also thought about the day to day existence of Subramaniam, and many in his village.

The teacher had an idea, and convinced master potters in Pondicherry, India to train Subramaniam.  Four years later, the Potter's Shed Trust was born.  Today, funds from the Potter's Shed educate over 110 children.

The full story & our collaboration with the Potter's Shed is coming soon...